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Full HTML5 PhoneGap compatibility

Kiwapp Retail is 100% PhoneGap compatible

  • PhoneGap is an open source framework that allows developers to create HTML5 cross-platform apps
  • Fully compatible with the 8 official PhoneGap plug-ins: accelerometer, camera, capture, compass, connection, contacts, device, and events
  • compatible PhoneGap

    Real-time updates

    Apps are composed of resources

  • An index.html file
  • Add other resources: media files, product feeds, backgrounds, libraries etc.
  • App resources may be different

  • Different sets of data (product feeds, videos) per store or per user
  • Set a specific resource for a particular location
  • Update your resources in 30 seconds

    Resources can be hosted by Kiwapp or on a customer infrastructure

    real-time updates

    Product feeds & API

    The Kiwapp Retail manager makes it possible to create a link between your app and your selected data, via Google Merchant. Update the content of you app in real-time by using automated flows.

    All the information collected on your apps can be retrieved from the tablets, via your web services.

    Your app will become a comprehensive in-store tool that makes it possible to respond to all retail customer requests (e.g. product catalogue).

    import product feeds

    App settings mechanism

    One app several configurations

    One app, multiple configurations

    Apps may be displayed several times using different settings, within the same container.

    one file to edit

    Simply edit a single file

    Create a manifest .json and Kiwapp Retail will take care of creating the user interface settings and data validation.

    manage your analytics

    Manage your analytics

    Set up your analytics directly within your app and let Kiwapp Retail track your customer activities.

    Advanced statistics

    An API for easy app statistics

    • App launched
    • Opened pages or events

    Shop statistics

    • Traffic per shop / per application / per hour
    • Event created per shop / per application
    • Page visited per shop / per application

    Hardware & software monitoring

    • Network connection
    • Battery level
    • OS version
    • App version
    advanced statistics


    App sandboxing

    Each app is completely independent of the other apps in the container.

    Secure binding

    Binding can be locked remotely to avoid rogue tablets.

    Encrypted key

    A dynamic encryption key is generated for each device ensuring strong authentication on the Kiwapp server and container.


    A unique session token prevents replay attack and man-in-the-middle attack.

    advanced statistics

    All traffic & downloaded resources are encrypted (SSL protocol)